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Mystrade Fanfiction: Too Busy For Love
"So, you work for the government?"
"Yes. Just a minor position,  though," Mycroft gave his usual reply, not feeling creative that day.  All his creativity was forgotten when in the morning he got a phone call  from his mother. Mummy, as the Holmes brothers were used to calling  her, once again decided that it'd be a brilliant idea to interfere with  the life of her older son. And even though Mycroft loved her dearly,  he'd really appreciate it if she stopped inflicting her wishes upon him.
"How  interesting." His interlocutor replied with a forced enthusiasm that  hurt Mycroft's ears. He resisted cringing and instead smiled politely.  "Do you like it?"
"Very," he replied and it was the first truthful answer he gave for the whole evening.
"That's  great," the man praised, smiling earnestly. "I mean, it's wonderful  when you actually enjoy what you are doing. What's the sense in
:iconhim-e-itsu:HiM-e-iTSu 77 12
Screenshot meme: Sherlock by ikriam Screenshot meme: Sherlock :iconikriam:ikriam 29 11
On a rainy day - Mystrade
The small café was full of people, as it was pouring outside.  Lestrade was one of them. He hadn't expected it to rain today, so now he sat by the window and waited for it to pass by. He had no money for a cab either, just enough to buy a coffee. He sighed. It didn't look as if the rain would stop anytime soon. It was a twenty minute walk home. Well, there no helping it. Lestrade could either stay in the café for the next few hours or endure twenty minutes in the rain. Just as Lestrade was about to step outside the door, his phone went off.  He looked at the text message and a small smile crept on his lips.
Are you intending to walk home in this weather? It's rather unpleasant.
Are you observing me?
Yes, of course I am. Care to answer my question?
Don't have a choice. No umbrella, no money.
I could provide you with both if you want me to.
Only need the former.

Instead of a reply a black car pulled up nearby and a man in a bla
:iconrhapsody93:Rhapsody93 108 43
Mystrade: Brother Dearest
Brother Dearest
'Brother… it's been two years since you passed away and I have yet to tell myself to stop writing to you, every day I place these silly letters on your grave only to return the next day and find them gone… perhaps the wind blew them away… or perhaps someone snatched the letters, it doesn’t really matter, you can't read them anyway… Still I convince myself everyday that I should write to you because of…. 'Him' he said it might help.
Yes, indeed… I have changed a lot since you had left us; I'm not sure how it happened…. It's been raining a lot as well, every night I could hear the endless drops of rain tapping on my windows, on the roof, and on the grounds of London. Everyone… They're still grieving over you; they still hold on to the fake hope, the voice in the back of their heads that tells them you're still alive and one day you'd return to them.
I'm writing this letter to you from the uncomfortable hospital
:iconikriam:ikriam 20 15
Thorki-The things I remember by GarnetQuyenDinh Thorki-The things I remember :icongarnetquyendinh:GarnetQuyenDinh 3,256 268 Thorki Comix page 26 by theperfectbromance
Mature content
Thorki Comix page 26 :icontheperfectbromance:theperfectbromance 206 147
Where is my labcoat? by dacoolcat Where is my labcoat? :icondacoolcat:dacoolcat 95 16 wtnv: *One Year Later* by Hikaru9 wtnv: *One Year Later* :iconhikaru9:Hikaru9 72 5
Mature content
Tentacles :iconthebrokencradle:thebrokencradle 240 65
The Lovers of Night Vale by meadow-rue The Lovers of Night Vale :iconmeadow-rue:meadow-rue 2,258 84 wtnv cecilos stamp by hitler-san wtnv cecilos stamp :iconhitler-san:hitler-san 112 3 Cecilos [First Date] by Ilikeyoai25 Cecilos [First Date] :iconilikeyoai25:Ilikeyoai25 107 2
Mystrade FF: Something You Don't Want To Know
"Don't you think that Mycroft appears at the crime scene more often than he should?"
"Mycroft should not appear here at all," Sherlock replied distractedly.
The  exasperated but somewhat reconciled glance of Sally Donavan, caught  only by John as his companion was purposefully looking the other way,  told him that it was a statement she wasn't going to challenge. Ignoring  both of them, John continued his musings.
"I mean, in the past he  only came when the case was exceptionally interesting. But now he  appears almost every time. I understand that he's worried about you," he  ignored the snort as well. "Still, it's not a reason to rush to the  crime scene for every new case you take. It's too much…"
"John, I  try very hard but still fail to see your point here." Sherlock replied.  He wasn't being snarky as he had just successfully solved a complicated  mystery and was in
:iconhim-e-itsu:HiM-e-iTSu 12 4
Aims and Methods /Mystrade/ Pg. 2 ENG by IrvinIS Aims and Methods /Mystrade/ Pg. 2 ENG :iconirvinis:IrvinIS 49 13
Mystrade, Divorce and Robbery...Oh My
Got something I think you'll like. -GL
Oh? -SH
Even you'll be stumped by this one i think. -GL
Highly unlikely. -SH
Oh, you'll see. Countess of Morcar's diamond has disappeared. Completely. We caught the bloke that did it. But he doesn't have it and he didn't have time to hide it anywhere. -GL
You sure you caught the right man? -SH
Definitely. He's got a record, got no alibi and was definitely there when it went. John Horner. Prior for robbery. -GL
Then did you check absolutely everywhere? -SH
We strip searched him, searched where he was working, searched the tool bag. Nowhere. -GL
Thing is, without the Blue Carbuncle, we won't be able to pin it on him. -GL
Scotland Yard does strip searches now? Interesting... -SH
Did you do a cavity search? -SH
Not at the office, Sherlock, in the holding cells. Why is that interesting? And yes. Came up with zip. -GL
Nothing...just didn't peg you or Donovan for being the strip searching type. Stomach contents? -SH
We're not going to make the guy throw
:iconaraneluna:AraneLuna 17 1



United States
Hey! Im new and a suckish artist so...... yeah. Heres some stuff about me.

State: Massachusettes
Name: Christina
Nicknames: Reeses, Chris, Christa, C-Pain, etc.
Friends :............... A couple
Status: Newbie
Callings: Puzzles, Poetry, Writing,
Likes: Videogames, Skiing, my callings and friends< the ocean, and seafood.
Fave Reasturaunt: Fire and Ice
Fave Band: Mine, Casual Friday.

Anything you need to know, just ask:)


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